Complete platform for personal
trainers and online coaches

Manage your clients, automate almost everything,
create workout plans and perfect diet plans in just seconds

Create a macro perfect
diet plan
in just seconds

With our platform you can easily create tailored diet plans for your clients, in just seconds.

You’ll be able to create a high volume of tailored diet plans without compromising the quality. We will do the calculations for you and you’ll end up with even more accurate diet plans, than you would be able to create manually.

Replace meals with just one click.

Choose from all our handmade and delicious recipes, which will have tailored ingredients and volumesw hich, to match your clients needs perfectly.

Choose the perfect macro split

Weight loss, building muscle, maintenance, high protein in take or high fat low carb? No problem. 'Choose your suitable macro split and everything will adjust automatically.

Happier clients than ever

Inspiring and delicious recipes, frequently follow-ups on their progress, easy adjustment of every part of their new life changing plan and many more things. Experience happier clients and better progress than ever before!

You can track your clients and
they can track themselves

Easier than ever to keep track of your clients progress. Both for you and for themselves.

As your business grows and you get more and more clients, our platform makes sure that none of them are feeling neglected. Focus on the important things and get more time for servicing your clients.

Our platform makes sure that your clients update their progress with their current weight, mood, body measurements and progress pictures. The follow-up forms will automatically be sent out, as will friendly reminders, if they forget to fill out the forms.

  • Save time on administrative work
  • Take advantage of our automated features, to make sure that your clients are having an amazing experience and never feel neglected
  • Keep track of your clients with minimum effort, thanks to our automatic and intelligent platform

Let’s highlight some
of our other features

We’re app-licious too,
of course ;-)

Everything in the palm of your hand. Your clients will be able to track their progress, view their diet plan and workout programs and receive notifications when it’s time for a new measurement.

With our mobile app your clients will have access to everything, right within the reach of their pocket. The app is free to download.

With the Coachr app your clients will be able to:

  • Fill out the questionnaire containing all the questions which are mandatory to calculate everything correctly
  • Fill out the weekly measurements
  • Receive notifications
  • Track their progress with beautiful graphs and a clear layout
  • Chat directly with you, their coach
  • View their diet plans
  • View their training programs