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How It Works

Our marketing solutions

When our experts helps you with your marketing, we start a well-calculated process that makes both your homepage, your ads, and the Coachr platform work together to create the best results for your business.

below, you can see the most essentials steps in the process, and get some insight in what happens when our marketing experts is working with your brand.

#1 Content sharing

Awesome content equals awesome results! You provide the marketing team with all content you want us to use in your marketing. Pictures of you, your clients and even your breakfast - The more we have, the better your marketing will become!

#2 Website design

Our web-designers start to create your websites from your wishes. Your website is created from all of our experience in making a userfriendly and high-converting landing page, that your visitors will love!

#3 Social accounts

Before getting you started with your ads, we'll make sure that all of your accounts are set up correctly. At this point, we'll also make sure that our marketing team has the right permissions to take care of all the technical parts of your setup.

#4 Campaign creation

This is the part where our marketing team really gets to dig into your marketing. We'll create your first campaigns based on your content, and make sure that your ads reach the right audience with the right message.

#5 Lead generation

This is where the fun part begins. Your ads will run and be optimized continuously, to ensure that you'll get actual leads from potential clients. These leads have all manually signed up from your website, waiting for you to reach out and help them.

#6 Contacting your leads

You're contacting your leads, and helping them choose the right kind of service that you offer. At this point, it's your chance to make the sale, and get the potential customer to become a new and happy client!

#7 You got a new client!

Congratulations! If your campaigns have performed as expected and you've been able to meet your lead's needs, then you've got yourself a new client!

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