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In our experience, some of the best coaches we work with, are the ones that you recommend. That's why we want to give something back to you, when you're recommending us to your colleagues and help the Coachr Family grow!

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Maybe you know a colleague, a friend who's doing personal training, or similar? Refer them to us, and introduce them to a new way of client management.

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We'll reach out to the person you have recommended., through phone or email. From here, we'll take a look at their case, and introduce them to our platform.

Earn up to €750

If the person who you've refered to us decide to start a partnership with coachr, you'll receive €200, simple as that. If you refer 2, you'll even get paid €250 for the second, and €300 for the third! Pick between getting a discount on your next invoice, or a direct payment to your bank account.

Share the new way of managing your clients

Coachr delivers a new way of operating your business as a personal trainer or online coach.

No more messing around with excel sheets or wasting time on those daily tasks that take up precious working-hours, where you could focus on those things that matters: To get more clients, and to make sure that your clients are happier than ever.

We're working with the most ambitious profiles and personalities in the fitness industry - Are you the next? Take the first step towards creating a more ambitious business. Apply for a free trial of our platform, and see if you qualify as a partner.

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